Matt Enamel

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Product Description:

Atlas Matt Enamel is a solvent based finish. Atlas Matt Enamel is a low gloss enamel with the gentle, soothing sheen of Satin fabric. It is just as tough and durable as High Gloss Enamels and gives a long lasting washable finish.

Recommended Uses:

Atlas Matt Enamel can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. specifically, it can be applied on wooden surfaces like doors, windows, cabinets, on metal surfaces like grills, gates and on suitably prepared masonry wall surfaces.


On smooth primed mild steel surface by brushing: 18-22 sq mtr/ltr

Drying Time:

Surface Dry time 1/2 to 1 hour & hard dry upto 24 hours.

Stability of Thinned Paint:

Use within 24 hrs.


2 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application and surface roughness. Thin upto15% with good quality turpentine oil.

Pack size availability:
0.091, 3.64, 18.2 Ltrs.

Shade Range:
As per shade card & desire order.

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