Exelite Emulsion

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Product Description

Atlas is a water based finish which does not comes off on the hands or clothes. Exelite Emulsion is an economical interior based on copolymer with excellent covering. It contains anti fungal & anti bacterial additive. It is prepared specially for contractors and projects.

It is suitable for interior walls & ceiling made of cement, plaster, cement rendering, blocks & hard board.

Shade Range

Available in 8 Color.
White, Off White, Ash White, Cockleshell, Badami, Goose Wing, Whisper, Bone White.

Application Procedure

Atlas Exelite Emulsion can be applied with brush & roller. To obtain a desired viscosity for brush application, thin up to 25% with water.

Drying Time

Surface Dry (Hrs.): 1
Hard Dry (Hrs.): 24
It is affected by various factors, i.e., temperature, humidity, ventilation, film thickness, nature of substrate and number of coats.

Availability in Packing:

6, & 24 kg.


10-12 sq mtr/kg depending on condition of substrate.

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