Wall Primer

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Product Description:

Atlas Wall Primer is a high quality solvent based alkali resistant primer for masonry surface, it is ideal for all types of interior and exterior surfaces such as plaster, brick works or cement rendering. It is a excellent sealing primer, which provides good adhesion both for the surface and top coat.

Recommended Uses:

Atlas Wall Primer is principally intended for sealing of porous substrates such as cement, plaster, wood & for texture finishes in order to mask any un-coated areas.

Shade Range:

Available in White Color only

Application Procedure:

Atlas Wall Primer can be applied with brush, roller. To obtain a desired viscosity for brush application, thin up to 16% with good quality turpentine and for roller thin up to up to 13% with turpentine.

Drying Time:

Surface Dry (Hrs.):
Hard Dry (Hrs.): 24

It is affected by various factors, i.e. temperature, humidity, ventilation, film thickness, nature of substrate and number of coats.


9 -11 sq mtr/kg depending on condition of substrate.

Pack Size Availability : 3.64, 18.2 Ltr & as per order.

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