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Product Description:

Atlas Thinner is a superior grade nitrocellulose thinner with excellent chemical properties. This product is supplied with customized packaging as per the clients’ needs, and is widely used for industrial, commercial and household applications.

N.C. THINNER is a mixture of esters, glycol, alcohol, aromatic solvents and ketone suitable diluents to all nitro products. It is manufactured for reducing lacquers before they are applied by different methods.


Keep the container tightly closed. Shelf life is unlimited in close container. Keep away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat or ignition; do not smoke in storage areas.


1. Quickly reduces the consistency of the lacquer to the required degree.

2. Improves film smoothness of lacquers when applied either by spray or dipping thus
extending excellent finish.

3. Lacquer dries without blushing, resin blush, pin holing and other surface defects.

4 . No “ orange peel” developed after applying.

Evaporation of N.C. Thinner, and therefore increases the tensile strength of the film along with its gloss


  • N.C. THINNER has an average evaporation rate suggested for all Nitro Products when application is made in normal condition of temperature and humidity.
  • N.C. THINNER has a certain action preventing milky effect on the surface due to various weather condition.

Pack size availability:

0.091, 3.64, 18.2 Lt. & as per order.

Highly Inflammable

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