Texture Filling

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Product Description

Atlas Acrylic Texture is an acrylic copolymer based high quality water based thick strophic paste used for different eye catching textural effects and designs through different application techniques. It exhibits excellent adhesion, weather and water resistance. It contains anti fungal & anti bacterial additives. It is over coated by Atlas Vinyl Emulsion, Plastic Emulsion, Atlas Synthetic Enamel and Matt Finish etc.

Recommended Uses

Atlas Acrylic Texture is suitable for interior walls, ceilings made of cement, plaster, cement rendering, blocks, and similar mineral substrates.

Shade Range.

Available in White & Color as per order.

Application Procedure

Atlas Acrylic Texture can be applied with brush, roller. To obtain a desired viscosity for brush application, thin up to 40% with water on wall and wooden surfaces. On smooth Primed surface Atlas Texture filling Give 30 to 40 Sq Ft/Kg. Vary under different conditions.

Drying Time

Surface Dry (Hrs.): 1
Hard Dry (Hrs.): 24
It is affected by various factors, i.e., temperature, humidity, ventilation, film thickness, nature of substrate and number of coats.

Availability in Packing:

6, 24, 30kg.

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