Clear Wood Lacquer

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Product Description:

Atlas Clear Wood Lacquer helps in formulating a protective and decorative clear finished coating over wood. It firmly protects the wood from heat, water, insects, etc. It is well suited for interior application as it is resistant to stains especially of oils and hot beverages.

The quality of wood and veneer can outshine with the help of perfect finishing with Lacquer & Sanding Sealer. The lacquer not only increases the life of veneer and wood but also enhances the beauty of the grains with its ultimate gloss.

Technical Data

  • Areas of application: Wood
  • Ancillaries recommended: Sanding Sealer
  • Method of application:
  • Brushing at 10-15 seconds
  • Spraying at 20-25 seconds
  • Thinner recommended: Atlas Thinner
  • Thinner intake: 100% part by volume
  • sq. mtrs/ltr. / coat by spraying a 25 microns film thickness
  • Finish: Smooth & Glossy

Pack size availability:

0.091, 3.64, 18.2 Ltrs.


Highly Inflammable

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