Atlas Paints, one of the respected paint companies in Peshawar - Pakistan. Our technological strength enables us to produce superior quality products on a consistent basis and achieve leadership position in the highly quality conscious Automotive and Decorative segment of the Paint industry.

We at Atlas Paints believe that in today’s highly competitive world the only mantra to stay successful is to innovate and increase the “Value” for every shilling that the customer spends on Paints & Coatings. And thus the endeavor at our end is to imbibe within us a culture and work ethic, irrespective of the function, that will strive towards achieving customer satisfaction. Then be it quality, price competitiveness, innovations or services.

Good Corporate Governance, solid environmentally friendly work processes and healthy respect for every individual is what we hold dear and we strongly believe in making Atlas Paints a profitable enterprise without compromising on these core values.

I am delighted to share with you that we at Atlas Paints firmly believe that the economic growth of our country will keep on improving every day and as responsible citizens it is our bounden duty to provide quality goods and services. And this we will. And from “YOU” we look forward to demanding it from us as a right!

Finally, if I may – please remember, “Cheap is Expensive” in the longer run. Every year billions of shillings are spent on creating national assets like Concrete and Steel and as a small but important part of the system we do try to provide coatings and paints that not only decorate but more importantly also provide effective protection from corrosion. And this is possible if we propagate and use good quality material. And the more we practice this, more will we benefit. After all painting, when repeated once too often becomes an expensive affair!

So come along, give us an opportunity to prove ourselves right and allow us to “Colour Your World”!


Rashidoon Khan
- Managing Director -